An Interview with The Free Woman


Today, we’re so excited to share our interview with the beautiful Bethany Morris, the founder of The Free Woman. We absolutely adore her, the community that she’s created, and the message that she wants to spread. We definitely recommend giving her website (once they’re live again!) a look because the content is amazing.

Q: Tell us about your website.

A: The Free Woman (TFW) is a global community celebrating, inspiring and equipping feminine hearts to lead more purposeful and authentic lives. We believe that the modern woman is multi-faceted by design, so we focus on the many character and lifestyle traits she embodies – Radiant, Inspired, Influential, Honest, Aware. is the foundational homebase and online magazine portion, then it branches out into lifestyle products, a thriving social media community, #solovelyfree Instagram feed, and (soon) offline gatherings!

Q: Why did you decide to start your website? How has it changed your perspective?

A: Creating a storytelling platform that celebrates women has been a dream since I was a young girl. After keeping it as a “backburner idea” as something to launch in my late twenties or thirties, the concept kept brewing. It was in late 2013 that a ‘light bulb moment’ happened and the name dropped. From that moment the wheels started turning, everything began falling into place, and I knew it was a dream to pursue now! TFW launched in June 2014 and has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The journey’s been challenging but incredibly enriching, and my perspective has changed in the most beautiful way. Something that I’m continually reminded of is the strength and power in celebration. When we seek to celebrate people rather than compete, we can all achieve such quality things in character, relationships, and pursuits. Everyone wins. Everyone grows. And the world truly becomes a better place because of the example we’re leaving for the generations.

Q: What’s your uncommon factor?

A: That TFW focuses on and taps into the feminine heart. Because it’s a ‘heart issue’ and not based on appearance, our message isn’t limited by cultures or locations, but resonates with a core desire I believe women have – to be lovely and free.

Q: What do you do to stay true to yourself?

A: By listening to my gut and maintaining integrity. Those two things will build the life you want to lead.


Q: What is one thing you see as something that needs improvement – whether it’s for your website or a personal goal?

A: Writing more! It’s kind of ironic because of what TFW is, but I recently realised that I became so caught up in the editing and planning that I forgot to work on and enjoy my own craft too.

Q: What is the most uncommon place you’ve been/want to see?

A: Love Milford Sound in New Zealand. That natural wonder is an absolute beauty.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not busy working on your website?

A: Checking out a new cafe – Melbourne is a goldmine containing loads of delicious brunch spots to enjoy.

Q: What do you like to jam out to while you work?

A: The latest radio tunes or instrumental music, depending on my mood and what work needs to be done!

Q: Any last pieces of advice for our readers?

A: Waiting for ‘perfection’ is just procrastination dressed up in nice clothes. Pursue that dream and launch it, you never know what goodness is waiting for you on the other side. Better to say “I did”, than “I wish I did”.

[Bethany’s Note: We’ve just been on a month break working on a new site and the above branches, and will be relaunching by the end of this week – great timing!]


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